Relationship Test

Please answer

the fol­low­ing questions

as truth­fully as possible.

1.    How is your rela­tion­ship? If you auto­mat­i­cally answered “just fine”, think again.
2.    Is your rela­tion­ship as good as when you first met? Has your part­ner grown more fond of you or less? (More)
3.    Do you often acknowl­edge each other? (Yes)
4.    Do you often find your­self think­ing about the past? (No)
5.    Do you some­times com­plain about your part­ner to your fam­ily and/or friends? (No)
6.    Are you happy and if you are, do you show it? (Yes)
7.    Are you resigned? (No)
8.    Do you need him/her? (No)
9.    Are you try­ing to change your part­ner, or keep him/her as he/she “used to be”?  (No)
10.   Do you think that your rela­tion­ship would be bet­ter if only he/she would change? (No)
11.    Do you often talk about your rela­tion­ship with your part­ner? (No)
12.    Do you try to do cer­tain things to improve or fix your rela­tion­ship time and again despite the fact that it never works? (No)
13.    Do you always know what your part­ner is up to? (Yes)
14.    Does he/she keep secrets from you? (No)
15.    Do you often get blamed? (No)
16.    Do you often blame or make your part­ner wrong? (No)
17.    Do you often feel the need to jus­tify your­self and your actions? (No)
18.    Does your part­ner often jus­ti­fies his/her actions to you? (No)
19.    Do you take plea­sure in being right? (No)
20.   Do you know if he/she really loves you? In other words, are you accepted and loved for who you are … and not for what you do, know or have, or how you look? (Yes)
21.    Do you have a happy rela­tion­ship? (Yes)
22.    Could you use some help to make your rela­tion­ship really great? (No)

If one of your answers above does not match the ones in paren­the­ses
you may want to try The Rela­tion­ship Saver or The Game­less Relationship


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Sean Nabor

April 26th, 2011 at 4:51 PM    

Appre­ci­at­ing the com­mit­ment you put into your blog and detailed infor­ma­tion you offer. It’s awe­some to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed mate­r­ial. Fan­tas­tic read! I’ve saved your site and I’m includ­ing your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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